About Us

This ole’ girl has led a long fulfilled life since 1806!

The Mansion House is a historical landmark, a restaurant, pub and venue for live music. It was originally constructed in the early 1800s to be a home and store for William Hamilton Merritt, the main promoter of the original Welland Canal.

In the 1820s the building was turned into a hotel with the addition of a large dining room and office. Life carried on in the hotel, with travelers and sailors boarding in the rooms, and Merritt conducting his business.

In 1859 a fire raged through downtown St. Catharines, and caused significant damage to the Mansion House. During the rebuilding the name changed a number of times, until 1868 when it was re-named The Mansion House.

With the bar’s longevity it is officially the oldest tavern in St. Catharines, and longest running licensed establishment in all of Canada.

Today The Mansion House still serves food and drink to its patrons, featuring an extensive selection of beers on tap and a lunch and dinner menu. The pub puts on live bands multiple nights a week, with local and touring bands sharing the stage.

So grab a bite to eat and a pint to drink and soak in some St. Catharines heritage in its’ longest running tavern.